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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

How to disable your double ticks on Whatsapp

Hello guys, here's me on another tip.

Have there been times when you you just didn't want to receive Whatsapp messages while you use your mobile data or your Wi-Fi?
Or let me ask, have you just wanted to use your internet on your phone while you don't get massages from someone on Whatsapp for a moment without having to mute people? Then here's what you have to do.

Go to settings on your phone, then open Applications, tap Manage applications then look for Whatsapp's app.
Tap the app and then hit the Force stop option.
When you do this, you will not receive messages from your contacts when they send them. All they will see it one tick after they send the message.

The thing is, I sometimes want to be on my data without being disturbed by Whatsapp messages and when it is received some think that I purposely don't want to read their messages.
This makes it look like my mobile data is off while it isn't making you call me if there is something important you want to say. This is nothing personal though.

And oh! this works only for Android phones so far. I don't know for iPhone and Windows users.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Sin-Free App

Ok so I was doing my stuff and I saw a post online where a Ghanaian Christian group called LoveRealm is said to launch a “holy” social network alternative to Facebook which will be free of “un-Christian” content. Un-Christian wasn't that clear though but I believe it is to avoid nude content seen by Christians.

I heard the site will be launched on 9th January 2016.

My view on this? I don't think it is cool. If you are a Christian and you do not like nude content, just don't view them.

I read further that hundreds of Christians are being invited to use the app in a pre-launch event at the Pentecost Convention Center in the capital, Accra, to enable them make inputs and accommodate necessary modifications, the statement added.

Well, whatever this is, I totally disagree.
My question is, how is this going to affect the economy of the country?

Don't get it twisted!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Nike's Self Lacing-Shoe: Back to the Future.

Footwear giant, Nike has released its self-lacing shoe.
The idea of this shoe was spotted in the movie, Back to the Future Part II where Doc Brown and Marty McFly traveled into the future from the year 1985 to October 2015.

How the shoe works:
There is an in-built motorized system that guides laces into their correct positions when the shoes are worn. An ankle cinching system which is also in-built uses a coil spring to tighten the lace.

According to Nike, more of the shoes will be produced in 2016 and be ready for sale.
I think this is an awesome project well done by Nike. 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Credify App : The Recharge App

The Credify app is a Ghanaian made app you've all been waiting for. It is an app that loads your credit voucher using your mobile phone camera.
All you have to do is:
  • scratch the credit to show the hidden numbers
  • open the Credify app on your phone
  • show the camera to the scratched card 
  • a screen will show the numbers and you'll see a "top up" button
  • click the button and voila! your credit is loaded onto your phone

Very simple. Works just like a bar code scanner.
The app allows you to check your credit balance as well.

Special Features:
  • The app works offline 
  • Has flash light to enable loading in darkness.
  • Supports all networks

The Credify app supports android 2.1 or higher.
You can get the app from the play store by clicking here 
Credify is here to avoid mistakes made when manually recharging credit vouchers as well as reduce the time spent on reloading credit manually.
Get it for free today.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

When you DELETE a file, WHERE does it go?

Have you ever thought of where your deleted files go after deleting them from your computer or other devices? Well, some know it goes into the recycle bin. Yes, its a recycle bin so the files can be recycled. But what if the recycle bin is also emptied? Where do they go from there?

When a file is deleted, the computer only removes the reference to the file. This file header is removed so that the computer can no longer see the file, making it as though it is gone. The space the file took up is no longer reserved for that file, and any new file can be stored in the same space as the deleted file.

The file is no longer available to be read by the computer but  the file is still on the hard drive, at least until another file is saved in the same location on the hard drive as the deleted file currently resides.

What I want to tell you reader is that, when you want to sell your computer, don't just think that deleting the items on the computer permanently will be fine because for some guys, whenever they buy used computers, the first thing they do is recover all the information on the computer making them get access to all your "deleted" pictures, videos and other files.
If you want to sell your computer there is a safe way to delete your files so it cannot be recovered. This safe way will be discussed.

Just remember that even on social media, when you delete your pictures, they are still available so  be careful  what you post online.
Hope you gained something, please share with others if you did.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

WHATSAPP BANS ITS USERS!!!--- The Punishment.

Whatsapp bans users from accessing their whatsapp accounts for 24 hours. This ban is only for the whatsapp users who use other third party whatsapp applications such as whatsapp plus.
I am a victim of this ban because whatsapp plus is the whatsapp application is usually use because of its special features such as customizing themes to suit your interest and not seeing that boring green colored telephone background.
    I was using my whatsapp plus application on 20-01-15 and suddenly I saw this image
This image reads as, 23 hours, 9 minutes and 14 seconds to be able to resume using your whatsapp.
When I saw this, I was so mad. I thought I could be smart enough to change the date on my phone to beat the given time but no, after doing this I was rather given an extra 24 hrs making it a 48hr ban. I quickly changed this my date and time back to the normal time and the ban went back to the normal 24hrs.
I patiently waited for this 24hr banned and when it was 5 seconds to time I was so happy to have my whatsapp back only to see an extra 2 hrs attached. I was like, WTF!!! Is this some sort of bonus punishment or what?
I again humbly waited for these 2 hrs until i had access to my whatsapp again.
When I saw my messages, I was so happy to see my whatsapp again.
In the next 15 minutes or so, this annoying clock popped up again saying i was banned and this time, it was for 72hrs. I did not know why I was banned for 72 hrs until i read on the BBC website that whatsapp banned third party whatsapp application users.

They said the 24hr ban was to prevent all the other whatsapp applications from working to enable users use the original whatsapp app which should be downloaded from the Google App Store.
According to the news, they said the ban was for only 24hrs but I still do not understand why I was given 72hrs later. Well, I just had to unistall and download the ordinary whatsapp even thought when I did so the countdown was on.

To all, this measure is just to prevent leakages of information from these untrusted third parties, since if there are any leaks it is whatsapp that will be blamed.

Mark Zukerberg, you and your squad should have at least notified the third party users on this countdown clock that it is simply because we are using these applications thats why we were banned and not say bluh... bluh.. bluh... we may have violated whatever...
And also add that any further actions could cause your ban to increase.

If you want the best, improve upon the whatsapp. I am very pissed at this, because you have caused me a lot if you don't know. I don't care whether you have not seen this blog or not but next time just give the information properly.

Good bye whatsapp plus!!! I enjoyed every bit of you. I guess I have to stick to the boring old whatsapp.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Computer Series #4 : Incognito Mode.

Incognito Mode as known in Chrome (and private browsing in any other web browser) is a special feature that allows you to be able to use browse on any computer without having your browser history saved.

This mode is very useful especially when you usually browse on public computers or other computers that may not belong to you.
If you are in a country that does not have reliable power supply, then you should start practicing incognito mode whenever you open a web browser to browse in a public place.Let me explain why I say so;
Whenever you are browsing and the lights go off especially when there isn't any UPS(Uninterrupted  Power Supply which lets the computer stay on immediately there is a power outage. It is like a computer's back-up battery.), whatever you were doing could be saved by the computer and be recovered when the power comes back.The last web pages you opened could re-opened when you open the bowser after the computer is booted.
Now just imaging if you opened your mail at a public place, say an internet cafe to check a very important message, then before you logged out the lights went off and you have to leave immediately because you probably have somewhere going, you might want to tell the cafe attendant to log u out but trust me it's not the safest thing to do.

This is why I recommend you use the incognito mode or private browsing whenever you use a computer that does not belong to you; when the power goes off you are safe because your session was not saved hence when the lights come back on, you will not have any opened pages.

Yea also you know some people download some stuff that are not supposed to be visible to "some people" because most people whenever they get someone's computer they go to the download history and check what you have been downloading.Annoying huh?! This is the best way so far to browse; the incognito mode.It also prevents your download history from being saved. So if you always  forget to clear your history just try the incognito mode and you would be "OKAY" This would prevent others who like to see things they are not supposed to see things from seeing things. There!

So with incognito mode, your cookies(stores passwords and form content a user has previously entered, such as a ID number or an address.) are deleted and your browser history is not recorded.

Don't forget to share and thanks for reading.